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Birmingham / Visualising a new neighbourhood

Goods Station will celebrate diversity, with a joyous and rebellious spirit. Honouring the site's rich heritage as a hub which connected Birmingham to the world through manufacturing, trade and export. Goods Station will once again become a landmark destination for Birmingham. A place to live. A place to socialise. A place for Birmingham.
A place which celebrates the good and the great in life, with attention to sustainability, prosperity, and health.

Birmingham / Honouring the locations heritage

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Goods Station

Birmingham / Promoting everything good

Goods Station will promote everything that is good for you and for the community, welcoming Birmingham in, creating an inclusive place you feel a part of. Goods Station is all about good vibes, good health, good opportunities…
a good life.

Once upon
a time

Once there was farmland. Then the wharf was constructed making this area a transportation hub where goods were brought in and out of the city via canals. The area is both close to the countryside and beautiful garden areas, but also near the town centre. A combination of business and leisure. This location became the bustling place thanks to the “little gaffers”: small manufacturers that live in traditional houses, with the workshop on the front, and their living quarters in the back.

They would live and work in the same house and often go down to the local pub for a pint after work. It was a community, built on hard work, creativity and a love of making things.

From 1886
to 1965

With the explosive transformation brought by the Industrial Revolution, the area became more and more a place of business. The makers had to make way for the goods depot and central goods station.

The bustling streets that were once lined with workshops and homes are now dominated by warehouses and shipping yards. This area became the vein of Birmingham: the “workshop of the world” now connected everywhere.

The future
is hybrid

The make and trade heritage is now combined with living and playing. Once again the neighbourhood becomes a destination for work, life and play. Imagine a mixed-use location that hosts buzzing cafes and artisan shops, but also innovative start-ups and towering spaces. A lush and green public realm for the community.

The spirit of the makers of the past is alive and well in the neighbourhood. New generations of makers and creatives are inspired by the area’s rich history and entrepreneurial spirit.

A development by urban regeneration specialists Vita Group. Creating tomorrow’s urban living and environments for people to thrive.