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Get involved

Vita have undertaken two rounds of public consultation over the course of the last year where members of the team have met with residents, ward councillors and key stakeholders.

The initial consultation ran for a 3-week period over August 2023 where Vita presented the initial vision for the redevelopment of the site at two public drop-in events. The second phase of consultation ran for a 3-week period over April 2024 where Vita presented the evolved masterplan and vision for the public realm at a further two public drop-in events. Vita also presented the scheme to the local ward councillors and local businesses during this period.

Phase 1
Introducing the team and our vision for Goods Station. A chance to hear early feedback about local priorities.
Phase 2
Presenting feedback so far and introducing the emerging masterplan to hear your views.
Phase 3
Recap of feedback received to date and presentation of detailed masterplan.
Phase 4
Presenting detailed design proposals shaped by feedback from previous stages of consultation.
Summer 2023
Spring 2024
Summer 2024
Early Winter 2024

Have your say

The local community and key stakeholders have also had the opportunity to influence the development proposals via the Goods Station website and a dedicated email address over the last year.

The feedback received has been overwhelmingly in support of the development proposals and has influenced the evolution of the masterplan.

In this final phase of consultation, we are sharing the evolution of the masterplan since the last phase of consultation and want to hear your views before we submit a planning application.

Please get in contact with us and submit feedback by emailing: [email protected]

Understanding local priorities will help us ensure our plans respond to these as best as possible. Fill out our short questionnaire to tell us more.