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Urban regeneration specialist, Vita Group has been creating tomorrow’s urban living for the last decade, building thriving new communities which add to the city they behold. The business specialises in delivering the very best purpose-built accommodation, managing the process end-to-end and then activating communities through its outstanding approach to customer service, amenities, and tech, creating empowering experiences for residents. You can find out more about us at:

The site

Once filled with bustling streets of workshops and small manufacturers who were coined locally as the ‘little gaffers’, the site was replaced by the Central Goods Station at the height of the industrial revolution, becoming ‘the workshop of the world’.

Most recently home to the former Axis Building, the site covers an area of approximately 4.15 acres, bound by Holliday Street to the North, Suffolk Street Queensway to the east, The Mailbox shopping centre to the south and Centenary Plaza to the west. It sits vacant following the demolition of the Axis building last year.

As a gateway location close to New Street Station, this is a key opportunity site with huge potential in terms of the wider regeneration vision for Central Birmingham. The Draft Central Birmingham Framework 2040 envisages that redevelopment of the site will ‘deliver high-density residential and commercial development connected by new streets and squares and a reactivated canal frontage between Gas Street Basin and Mailbox’.

Site in current form
Site in current condition

Our Vision

First we create life, then spaces, then buildings.

Our vision for Goods Station builds on Birmingham’s rich industrial history while embracing the spirit of innovation and connectedness. Goods Station will combine a new community and a destination: a dynamic hub where people can live, work, socialise and thrive. Residential-led, mixed use development would see:

New Places to Live

New homes in a range of size and tenures, offering high-density, modern urban living to meet a range of needs.

Served by exemplary residential amenities

Great residential amenities encouraging social interaction and wellbeing, from communal spaces to fitness facilities.

Commercial spaces where local businesses can grow

High-quality retail and commercial spaces with covered spaces for food and drink outlets which will face onto the public realm.

Extensive new public realm

Public uses at ground floor will drive footfall through Goods Station and create a destination for residents and visitors. The landscape and built form work in harmony to create an active and fluid relationship between internal and external space, providing activation and animation within the public realm, throughout the day.
How the vision will be delivered

Improved Movement & Connectivity

City of connections

As a gateway site between two key pedestrian routes, Goods Station has a real opportunity to support connectivity and access to the city centre. We want to increase access across the site and open it up to the surrounding city, linking in to the existing routes and creating a new primary pedestrian link.

A landscape-led approach

The landscape and built form work in harmony to create an active and fluid relationship between internal and external space, providing activation and animation within the public realm, throughout the day.

The topography of the site makes it unique and special. Our proposal seeks to harness the changing topography of the site, providing a variety of spaces at different levels, with ever changing views.


A green oasis

Green Oasis

Sustainability, nature and livability are key to our vision for Goods Station.

A verdant, pioneer landscape will be created that celebrates seasonal change and natural processes. A naturalistic, ruderal planting style will reflect the aesthetic of a post industrial landscape, providing greater biodiversity and habitat area.

A new public square which will become the heart of the development.

The square will also include dedicated areas for programmed events, gatherings and public art, and an open-air cinema to ensure that Goods Station remains a hive of activity all year round.